Prince Construction Company was established in September 1973 in Tainan, Taiwan. It was invested by Tainan Textile, Uni-President, Universal Cement Corporation and other well-known enterprises. Mr. Wu, Hsui-Chi was appointed as the CEO of the company and Chuang Nantian was appointed as the general manager. The main business is to invest in many constructions residential commercial buildings, tourist hotels, industrial park development, indoor sports and leisure facilities and public parking lot infrastructures. The headquarter was established in Tainan 1973 and many branch offices were also established in Taipei (1974), Taichung (1978), and Kaoshiung (1979). The company went on publicly listed in 1991, become one of the very few construction companies that have offices in the country.

The company has been established for more than 1/3 of the century. Many high quality residential were built with careful planning and scruntized contruction. In addition to the high sales record in construction sector, Prince construction recently started to invest in hotel tourism industry and BOT development projects to expand its business scale. In turns, the company will also have a steady profit gains from other business and sustain the business growth.

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